Natural Disasters Picture System

The Natural Disasters Picture System (NDPS) is a picture database dedicated to natural hazards and their impacts on the environment and humans. The NDPS was made possible by the partnership between the Laboratoire de Psychologie Sociale et Cognitive (LAPSCO) and the Laboratoire Magmas & Volcans (LMV) under the Clermont-Ferrand Center for Volcano Research (ClerVolc Excellence Laboratory).

The NDPS is a set of 154 pictures of various natural hazards (e.g., earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes), including an extended set of pictures of volcanic hazards (e.g., eruptions, lava flows, ash and lapilli falls, and pyroclastic flows), aftermaths and victims. We examined the emotion elicited by each picture on the basis of appraisal theories by using the dimensions of valence, arousal, dominance and certainty. The best-fitting emotion of each picture was determined on the basis of its dimensional pattern by the use of a Hierarchical Ascendant Classification.

Please use the following reference to cite the NDPS:

Merlhiot, G., Mermillod, M., Le Pennec, J. L., & Mondillon, L. (2018). Introduction and validation of the Natural Disasters Picture System (NDPS). PLoS one, 13(8), e0201942.

Additional information about the database can be found in the validation article. To access to the picture database for your own research, you have to send us an email to request access with your personal information (first and last names, affiliation, address) by using only official affiliated e-mail address. Upon validation, you will receive your login and password to access to the database.

Important notice: The use of the NDPS is restricted to non-profit scientific applications conducted by researcher officially affiliated to recognized university.

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